Mortons - The End to Boredom
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Welcome to Morton's List: The End to Boredom!

2019 and beyond

Morton's List continue its gradual permeation of the English-speaking world, the remaining copies of that rare and powerful tome finding new and familiar players through which to channnel its potent energies. Morton's List now prepares for a new form for this new era, while the printed, original version of the game provides limitless entertainment and boredom-ending consciousness. The new generation of players finds each other through festivals, gaming conventions, and corporate social media, as random reality find its way onto your electronic devices.

Bound by chaos, forged in chance, united in unpredictability, Morton's List builds upon a tradition of official events in Alaska, Bimini Island, Los Angeles, Miami, Tennessee, Ohio, Michigan, Indiana, and New York City. 2020 will see Morton's List played in destinations yet undreampt. See facebook for events near you.

The Inner Circle is limitless,

The Table Master

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