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I'm Neutral 24. - Mystery Quest
Welcome to Morton's List


The imagery and facts of August 3rd, 2022 will reverberate through your maxilla, both dimensionally and telepathically, leading to expanded realities and increased capabilities for everyone in attendance. Photography and video is a no go, because this only happens once, and everyone will be sworn to secrecy.

Those unable to witness this in person may brace for an after-wave of unprecedented energization and karmic stimulation via our official social channels and real life events.

Quests on Twitch

The medical and governmental catastrophes of 2020-21 inaugurated a darker, even more dystopic age, with Quests now existing in the parallel techno-environment of video collaboration, screen sharing, and surviellance capitalism. These Quests are streamed via Twitch (often on a full moon), and all are welcome to play.

After two straight decades and tens of thousands of Real-life Quest experiences, Morton’s List continuously evokes fun, creativity, and insight, balanced with equal possibilities for stupidity, excitement, and destruction. A casual search for Quest videos shows a surreal blend of household projects, absurdist spectacle, and real-life adventure with a dynamic group of imaginative players.

The Quest for Sumeria

The Trip to Someplace Fresh: Sumeria remains is the future, with active research by high-level members of the Inner Circle into that foundational civilization and its writings. The secrets of Atlantis lie within those cuneiform tablets, awaiting translation.

The Inner Circle is Limitless