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Morton's List

Uncut, unpredictable and totally not lame!

This game is 100% real. No computers, no board, no cards. Just real dice, a real book, and real adventure. Anything that can happen in real life can happen when you play.

Morton’s List is a game for small groups. Anytime, anywhere, with anyone – all you need is one hour, and a willingness to do something unexpected.

Learning to play is easy, but describing what will happen is impossible. Every time you play, the game book gives you one of 360 different random real-life Quests, complete with ideas and examples to guide your group’s creativity.

No two games of Morton’s List are ever the same. Possibilities include doing something you’ve always wanted to do, something you never imagined you’d do, and putting a twist on something you’ve done before, and every possible variation!

Morton’s List is unending, ever changing good times waiting to be unleashed on your life.

At it's simplest, the game may be understood in these five steps:

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