Mortons List: The End to Boredom.  Random, Real-Life experiences since 2001


Morton's Lite 13%

Morton's Lite: 13%

Begin playing immediately with this complete, ready-to-play Random Reality Game, with rules identical to Morton's List. It contains a complete Table of 30 Quests and 30 Manipulations, creating hours of entertainment. (requires standard dice and Morton Boulder to play)


the Thirteen Tables

The 13 Table Tables of Morton's List

These are the principle symbols of Morton's List, representing the 13 aspects of reality, as diagrammed in the Wheel of Karma. Ready for your use on web pages, flyers, or whatever else.

the Thirteen Titles

The 13 Titles of Morton's List

Mapping the ascension through the many Quests of Morton's List. Available in .pdf for your graphical enjoyment.

Specialty Lists:

Specialty Lists require Morton's List to play, containing new arrangements of the 13 Tables, with new game effects.

The Crystal List

The Crystal List

Draws upon the Tables of light and the right handed path, guiding experiences toward the uplifting and orderly. (Premiered at the Karmic Gathering: Within)

The Dark List

The Dark List

draws from the Tables of darkness and the left handed path, guiding experiences that tend toward the visceral and the chaotic. (Premiered 2006 at The Karmic Gathering: OctoberList)

Specialty Tables:

Specialty Tables require Morton's List to play, pulling Quests from many Tables to create a unique theme, usually tied to an specified event

Friday the Thirteenth Table

Friday the 13th

Quests that happen on warm summer nights. Fake blood, games of stalking and evasion, and being in the woods are at the core of the Table. (Premiered at the Karmic Gathering: Within)

Miami After Dark

Miami After Dark

Quest in the city of Miami, Florida. Addresses or descriptions are listed next to each Quest start location, spring boarding the real life adventure. (Premiered at the Karmic Gathering:Devastacion!)


Miami After Dark

Ninja Mask Guide

Transform a common T-shirt into a necessary piece of concealment.

Mortons List: The End to Boredom.  Random, Real-Life experiences since 2001

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