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I'm Neutral 24. - Mystery Quest

Q. What is Morton's List?

Morton's List is a game of real-life Quests. A session starts when players agree to a randomly generated mission, selected by die roll from one of 360 real-life Quests. Each of these is distinct, with a theme, numerous ideas, and examples to guide the group. A few dice rolls are translated by the Morton's List book, where anything that can happen in real life can happen in game.

The rules are simple, but no two Quests are ever the same. Possibilities include spending an hour doing something you’ve always wanted to do, or experiencing something you never thought you'd do. Some rolls put a unique spin on familiar activities, combining them with meta-game activities. Morton’s List is unending, ever-changing good times for those with a willingness to do something unexpected.

Q. Where can I play?

Morton's List can be played anywhere, with any size group, at any time. Quests may begin far beyond a typical gaming table. Some of the most rewarding Quests began at a campground, parking lot, or back seat of a car. Local weather conditions can effect the direction of some Quests more than others.

Recently, Streaming Quests allow Quests to form wherever players might reside. Scheduled, public Quests now happen on the 2nd and 4th Friday of every month. Inquire through social media or email.

Q. What are some examples of these Quests?

Quests include every possible activity in life - Some are for quick laughs, while others can lead to eye-opening discoveries. Some are twists on popular games or sports, but discovery is at the heart of every Quest.

There are various .pdf available in the download section of this site, and these games are miniature versions of Morton's List.

Q. Is this a ARG / LARP / MMORPG / etc.?

No. Morton's List is a Random Reality game that contains all entertaining group activities within it, including the above mentioned game genres as well as everything else. Every game and type of game is automatically a part of Morton's List.

Q. Claiming to include every fun group activity in life is pretty bold. Is this true?

10,000 copies later, and however many hundreds of thousands Quest have yet to successfully challenge this claim. Morton's List was researched and written over seven years by three pioneering authors who traveled the Earth consulting with everyone from all levels of many societies. Every aspect of life is covered within the 360 Quests of Morton's List.

Q. Who can play?

Morton's List is played by people across the English-reading world and beyond. Anyone who is looking for unexpected real-life experiences is a potential player. The best players are those not afraid to commit to an adventure, before they even know what it is.

Q. Can kids play this game?

While we recommend adult supervision for any real-life activity, there is no reason that children of any age can't have a great time playing Morton's List. Some Quests will require extra guidance, but the game can be enjoyed with players of any age.

Q. Who do I talk to about licensing Morton's List Merchandise?

Contact to discuss limited edition collaborations for jewelry, t-shirts, dice, and other karmic items. We support independent artists, and there is no limit to how the potent imagery of Morton's List can be incorporated into your ventures.

Q. Who or what is Morton?

This is the most frequently asked Morton's List question, and one resolved ever-so-slightly by the 100 clues of the Gold Seal Edition. For the first time, a significant piece of the puzzle of the 360th Quest was confirmed. These facts may be researched elsewhere, but may it help you how it will on the most personal of Quests and the deepest of questions.

Q. What is Random Reality?

Random Reality is a way of engaging and changing the real world with the unexpected possibilities of chance. This can be by making decisions with a coin toss or rolling dice, but any path of surprising, entertaining outcomes is a form of random reality. It is the opposite of stagnation and indecision, and shows the unexpected directions that life can take.

Q. What is a Random Reality game?

A Random Reality game is generally made up of a list of possible actions, with players determining one of these through random means. It is important that no one knows exactly what will happen in the game until it starts. Every game is unique because who you are, whom you are playing with, and where you are playing at is never exactly the same.

Q. How is this different from other games?

Most other games involve substitution. In chess you pretend to be a king controlling an army on a checkered battlefield. It simplifies real life, distilling it down to a codified set of rules. In role-playing games you control an avatar or pretend to be a character taking part in a digital world or imaginary story. In a Random Reality games, you play YOU, wherever you are in reality.

Another is that in other games and sports you have an idea of what will happen before you play. In video or board games, no matter what it is about, you will be looking at a screen and working a controller or sitting around a table until someone wins. Random Reality games, by contrast, have no fixed components or outcomes. The only constants are the players and their setting in reality.

Q. Is this dangerous?

Morton's List includes every real-life activity, including physical sports and contests, social situations, driving, etc. - nothing more or less dangerous than real life. Just as life can be played safe or lived dangerously, so too with Random Reality. Wear safety equipment when applicable, know and follow the law, be careful, and use some damn common sense.

Q. Was this game influenced by The Dice Man by Luke Rhinehart?

No. The Dice Man was written in the early 1970s (with several subsequent works published in the following decades), but the creators of Random Reality were unaware of any of it until 2005, long after pioneering the field and publishing Morton's List. The similar themes of chance, randomness and allowing dice to determine your actions are powerful, universal ideas which .

Q. What is the Inner Circle?

The "Inner Circle" describes three concentric organizations. The first is any group presently playing Morton's List. The second is a named organization that meets to regularly play Morton's List. Thirdly, it includes everyone who has ever played Morton's List ("Global Inner Circle")

Q. What are Degrees, Titles and Powers all about?

The supplement to Morton's List, "360 Degrees of the Inner Circle" contains rules that lay out an advancement system whereby players gain points, or Degrees, for completing Quests. Titles are awarded to players who reach certain Degree totals and confer Powers to influence the game. There are 360 Degrees and 13 Titles, with the highest being that of Twilight Lord.

Q. What is a Karmic Gathering?

The Karmic Gatherings were official events, held for the purpose of spreading Random Reality. The rituals and specifics of a Karmic Gathering evolved with the Inner Circle and location, and several took place on Friday the 13th. Ceremonial attire, artifacts, a banquet, toast and surprises revealed only to those in attendance. The final Karmic Gathering completed on December 21st, 2012 at Karmageddon, in Tikal, Guatemala. This signified the beginning of the 13th Bak'tun, and the global focus of today.

Q. I want to host an official Morton's List event. What now?

Contact us with the planned date and location. They will provide further information and guidance regarding promotion and what can be done to maximize the effectiveness of your event. Karmic Gatherings are necessarily much more involved, but Center is always accepting proposals.

Q. What is the SuperiCore Group?

The SuperiCore Group is on a global mission to end boredom through through Random Reality events and books.

Q. Why don't you ask the real questions like who's really behind the reptilians, who gains by crashing the global economy, and what they won't tell you about the Pyramids.

Morton's List encourages fringe theories and science and these have themes have always been on this lush map of all possible realities. Players are free to investigate into any direction the game might suggest, and reach their own conclusions.