24. The Word

"BROTHER! Yes, YOU, there in the crazy young T-shirt. You have the look about you of a man LOST, adrift in a sickened, uncaring world… jostled BACK and forth and forth and back, engulfed in an unending SEA of subliminal messages and LIES, your fate guided by the flow of evil money and POWER you cannot see. You pitiful mortal, doomed to die, never understanding the TRUTH! Do not back away from the light. Look into my eyes and you will see what I have SEEN. Running will not save you, brother! Come with me to Montreal. In the woods you will see them, the Elohim. The CREATORS! In the Beginning…"

The Word pushes the Inner Circle out into the world to tell others about something important.

Sometimes people get so fired-up about what they believe that they need to spread it to others. The Inner Circle is sure to harbor at least one strong inner feeling, and it's time to let it out for all to know. Anything that the group or even just one member knows about, but is not accepted by everyone is fair game. Word is commonly spread about religions, ideologies, and lifestyles, however this is only the beginning. Secrets, conspiracies, useful products/services, anything goes as long as it is heartfelt and delivered with soul.

Below is a table of 30 things the Inner Circle could decide to spread the word about:

  1. Religion - Mormon missionary work, hard-core born again Christianity, Baha'i, Islam
2. Ideology - pacifism, Dark Carnival, karma
3. Product - toy, game, software
4. Music - genre, group, song
5. New technology - time travel, vat-grown meat, glow-in-the-dark skin
6. Lifestyle - swinging, perky goth, rave culture
7. TRUTH - aliens really exist, ninjas are taking over, illusion of reality, cigarettes kill
8. Politics - gun violence, abortion, human rights
9. Love - who you love, how to find, looking for
10. Conspiracy - John the Baptist usurped by Jesus, JFK, 500 Euro note made for criminals
11. Economics - free trade, communism, emu farming
12. Service - free services, telephone hotline, one provided by Inner Circle
13. Death - what happens after, avoiding, seeking, ain't shit
14. Self - increase power, promote personality for respect, get money
15. Magic - exists, studying, psychic potential
16. Occupation - promote one, new, why one is bad
17. Another person - promote personality, warn against, attract attention for
18. Sports - team, sport, new sport
19. Drugs - legalizing, promote one, new
20. Science - recent breakthrough, knowledge of, foolishness of
21. Art - importance of, certain style, artist
22. Health - body building, safe sex, diet
23. Earth - clean air/water, preservation of wild places, renewable energy
24. Sex - free Internet porn, have more, is wrong, is overrated
25. Travel - places to go, travel agencies, expatriating
26. Money - how to make, need some, raising some
27. Animals - rights, save endangered, educate about dangerous ones
28. Food - best, new, recipe(s)
29. War - against, start one, join military
30. Unknown/little known flavor - Burning Man, The Gathering, Love Parade, hidden communes
  Clearly, there are plenty of avenues for the Inner Circle to boldly stride down on their mission to spread the word. The only question left is "how should we best go about doing it?" There are a few classical approaches and many offbeat ones. First, and most insane, is the street corner preacher model. A wild-eyed stare, bells, placards, long, nasty beards, beefy vocal cords, and sun-wrinkled skin are all desired attributes. For this approach, deep heart-felt conviction and a confrontational attitude are necessities (as well as having no concern with looking like a raving lunatic). And if one person can spread so much attention, a roving band of babbling psychotics would obviously work way better.

Besides word of mouth, the Inner Circle may consider flyering campaigns, tele-proselytizing, and using the Internet to reach the ignorant masses yearning for something to follow. Creativity plays no small part when trying to convince others about the worth of something they may never have heard about. How about spreading messages through dollar bills? Dropping small notes in magazines? In fact, any place where there is a large audience, whether it is at a subway station, or on the radio, TV, or networked computers, is a good place to spread the Word. If you believe it, they will follow.

IDEA: The Inner Circle uses guerilla artist tactics to convert existing messages and advertisements to the group's own ends. Group members begin by selecting targets (billboards, bus stops, and other accessible places where large ads are found) and finding specific targets to change. They creatively change the wording and images, as well as a web site address created to further explain their position.

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