24. Firsts

Never before has there been a Quest in which the intro. paragraph contains the expression "Dutch oven." Consider that, as you read about….

Firsts breaks new ground as the Inner Circle ventures into the realm of first-time experiences.

Perhaps members of the Inner Circle are waiting for a special occasion to try something new. That special occasion is now! This Quest is not so much about breaking morals or taboos, as it is about moving into uncharted territories.

There may be substances or beverages that the Inner Circle has been hesitant to try. Some of these may be illegal (depending on the group's location), but th ere is no time like the present to experience something that may expand the consciousness, loosen inhibitions, or just provide a good time. Even taking a familiar intoxicant to a whole new level can be an exciting first. Maybe the Inner Circle has never truly experienced a state of pure CRUNK. All that can change with a simple choice.

Sexual encounters, ranging from having never been to any of the various "bases," to doing something never-before-seen-on-any-website-no-matter-how-shocking can also be a wonderful way to expand the palette, and make group members more confident and worldly. Perhaps a mutually exclusive relationship is ready for the next level, in which someone new is introduced to the established couple's bed.

But the two above suggestions are only the uppermost layer of tundra in the deep permafrost of things never-before-done. Getting a tattoo, travelling to a location never before visited, eating sushi, placing a personal ad, buying something online, dramatically cutting one's hair short, or jumping out of an airplane may all be firsts to experience; and are excellent options for the Inner Circle to explore. Any activity or choice to which the words "I've never done that before," can be applied, means that the Inner Circle's lives are that mcuh further from complete, and the group should step boldly forward.

IDEA: The Inner Circle thinks about things that have never been before, by anyone, anywhere. Looking beyond petty world records, group members consider achievements and firsts that there are not even entries for. Of course, some might say that this sounds like something that might be on "The Twilight Scroll.…"

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