Mortons - The End to Boredom
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Donate Today!

Random Reality is an ever-changing, ever-growing global phenomenon - one that requires money. Lots of money. Sales of the Morton's List game and the line of incredible, high-quality merchandise are only a small part of what makes this worldwide mission possible. Without you, the Inner Circle is nothing.

Our message of interplanetary Karma can only be truly enacted through a web of the dedicated volunteers of the Inner Circle - many of whom work round the clock by playing Morton's List wherever there is boredom, or the desire to do something randomly. The rolling of charitable Quests spreads as much goodness as it does chaos and mayhem, creating a universal balance of entertainment and fun.

If you cannot donate your time, Artifacts (ancient, magical, or otherwise) and crispy cash are the most direct ways that you can ensure that the SuperiCore Group will continue to be able to host events that bring Random Reality to yourself and others - on Earth, and beyond.

Any monetary amount, even a single dollar, will be greatly appreciated in enabling the SuperiCore Group to continue to work as effectively as possible. There are many who do not have the barest possible karma or cash, and are unable to enjoy the limitless possibilities of reality.

All funds are directly used for hosting events, random-reality research, game giveaways, and the ongoing worldwide fight against the threats of low Karma, a lack of tactics, and boredom.


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